Emerging Leader Award


This award recognizes NIH employees who show exemplary promise as future leaders, who may not necessarily be in a formal leadership role (i.e., supervisor or manager).


  • All NIH federal non-supervisory employees in grades through GS-13 (or equivalent)
  • All NIH federal non-supervisory employees in grades through GS-13 (or equivalent). Team Leaders up to GS-13 (or equivalent) who have been in the role for less than two years at the time of nomination


  • Demonstrates leadership ability among peers and colleagues and collaborative work. 
  • Demonstrates excellence in their work and show potential to advance further in their career but may not have risen to a leadership position (i.e., supervisor or manager)
  • Has made a substantive contribution to an area (or areas) of their profession beyond the nominee's regular job duties.

Examples could include, but not limited to:

Some examples could include, but not limited to: 

  • Coordinates with staff to develop a portfolio of research likely to inform decision-making in the future with an emerging and significant contribution.
  • Leading staff efforts to translate research into policy and practice by ensuring that evidence is used to inform decisions. 
  • Leading a board or committee, network, or other staff/volunteers to organize conferences sessions, roundtable discussions, programs/projects, advocacy efforts, or any other IC or NIH initiative (e.gi.e., DEIA Working Group, Employee Engagement Committee, etc.).
  • Taking an informal leadership role to coordinate a major scientific or management activity for an Intramural lab. 
  • Volunteering to lead or coordinate an initiative, activity, or event.