Administrative Support Tool

This tool provides guidance on administrative requests for Office of Human Resources (OHR) Federal employees.

Select a topic below. If you still need assistance after using the tool, please contact your designated point of contact in the Office of Internal Management and Planning (OIMP) branch

Select a topic(required)
Are you on a flexible work schedule?
Is this your first time or subsequent request for credit hours?
Is the employee seeking advanced leave under special leave procedures?
Is the employee seeking advanced leave likely to return to their job and have the ability to repay the advanced leave?
What is your full/part-time status?
Are you a Leave Bank Member?
Have you submitted all the proper forms to the NIH Leave Bank Office?
Has your NIH Leave Bank Coordinator notified you that your case has been approved AND that your leave has been transferred to Payroll (DFAS)?
What VLTP action would you like to take?
I have a medical emergency that requires absence from my work for a prolonged period and would be a substantial loss of income because paid leave is not available (e.g. pregnancy, childbirth)
The tour change I am requesting will last more than two pay periods
Do you want to establish an Alternative Work Schedule?
Because my hours worked are changing, I understand that I must submit my tour change request TWO weeks prior to the effective date of the change
Is this request an emergency?
Special purchasing exceptions require a justification, division approvals, and at times OHR Director approval.
Will this request cost more than $10,000?
Is your appliance request due to a medical condition?
I need appliance help with the following:
Is this request for on-campus or off-campus maintenance?
What type of on-campus request do you have?
Will this request involve construction or cost more than $2,000?
What type of off-campus request do you have?
Is your Furniture request due to a medical condition?
I need help with the following furniture request:
I need help with the following key request:
Are you a SmarTrip Card (STC) Manager?
(STC Manager) I need help with the following:
(Not an STC manager) I need help with the following:
Can the item be purchased from the NIH Self-Service Store?
I need the following parking sticker help:
I need the following printing needs/medical arts help:
Are you a branch chief or above?
I need the following Self-Service Store Card help:
I need the following services help:
I need the following shipping help:
Is this an envelope or a box?
I need the following training and conferences help:

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