Executive Onboarding Orientation

The Executive Onboarding Orientation is an opportunity to get a brief overview in an individualized setting to familiarize new executives with NIH and government policies and procedures. The session is led by the Onboarding Specialist with the Division of Senior and Scientific Executive Management (DSSEM). The ~1.5-hour session typically takes place on the Executive’s first day but is flexible enough to fit in with the new executive’s busy schedule.

Topics include:

  • Human Resources
    • Employee Benefits (individualized session)
    • Hiring at NIH
    • Employee and Labor Relations
    • Performance and Awards
    • Leave and Work Schedules
    • Payroll Information
    • Training and Development
  • About the NIH
  • NIH Systems

If the new executive would like a more detailed briefing on one of the above subjects or on another administrative management subject, please contact the Executive Onboarding team with your request.