Performance Awards Reporting System (PARS)


The Performance Awards Reporting System (PARS) enables Executive Officers (EOs) and IC Performance Liaisons (PLs) with the ability to capture, certify, and submit PMAP ratings and awards securely and efficiently to the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

Watch the PARS 2022 System Updates video to learn about this year's enhancements.

PARS 2022 System Updates

PARS Resources & More

For more information on the NIH Employee Awards Program, please visit the NIH Policy Manual.

PARS Office Hours & Road Shows 
Preparing for PARS and need some help?

The PARS Team has two support options:

  1. Office Hours (appointment) - Meet one-on-one with the PARS Team to ask specific questions and troubleshoot any issues. 
  2. Road Shows – View the PARS process from beginning to end. Learn how each role has a critical part in the PMAP data call. 

To schedule a PARS Office Hour appointment or register for a PARS Road Show click on the images below. You will be taken to the LMS sign-in page. Select a time that works best for you. 

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