Excused Absence

Excused absence may be applied for hours missed on the date of injury. You may be eligible for Excused Absence up to six (6) months from the date of the injury. 

If you have filed a claim for a traumatic injury (CA-1), have exhausted or forfeited the 45 days of continuation of pay (COP), and have returned to work you may be excused from duty without charge to leave for medically supported, injury-related examinations or treatment.

The amount of excused absence shall not exceed four (4) hours in a day.

The same applies to employees who have filed a claim for an occupational disease (CA-2) and are not eligible for continuation of pay.

An excused absence should never be used when an individual is disabled from duty.

Please speak with a Specialist at (301) 402-2669 for more information.