Frequently Asked Questions: Workforce

How do I get my scientific workforce to buy in to proactive workforce planning activities?

Getting Started: WFP Business Case Overview and Template

What workforce planning services is my organization ready for?

Getting Started: WFP Readiness/Priority Assessment

How do I use short-term and long-term organization plans/strategy to inform workforce goals? How do I align workforce planning with my organization’s overall strategy and direction?

Getting Started: Strategic Workforce Plan and Template

Where is my organization’s greatest need currently in the workforce planning area?

Getting Started: WFP Readiness/Priority Assessment

How do I get stakeholders/my customers to think forward and identify future needs?

Getting Started: WFP Business Case Overview and Template

How can I justify the positions that I need?
How do I articulate the benefits of workforce planning?
How do I determine which data source best matches my need?

Data Source Dictionary

How do I critically assess the need for each position?

Position Analysis Guide

How do I use surveys to inform workforce planning?
How can I use data to inform workforce planning/identify action?

Contact the NIH WFP WG or SmartHR Action Planning Module

How do I optimize my staffing/what options do I have to address current/future staffing needs when position availability has reached capacity or is limited (i.e., budget)?

Position Analysis Guide

Who else at NIH is working on WFP, and in what activities?

WFP Website Points of Contact List or Contact the NIH WFP WG

How do I better understand what WFP support I’m expected to deliver in my role?

Getting Started: Customer Needs Analysis

How do I to develop my workforce planning capabilities?

WFP Practitioner Training: Data Analysis and Data Interpretation Training Options

When and by whom will the survey be administered?

The FEVS is an annual survey, and OPM has administered the 2018 FEVS to Federal Government employees on May 7, 2018 through June 18, 2018.

How is the survey administered?

The FEVS is a web-based survey, and employees will receive an email invitation from OPM containing a unique link to the survey. Employees who have not completed the survey will also receive weekly email reminders with their survey link throughout the survey open period. Invitations to complete the survey will come from:
Source email address: Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey-HE
Subject line: The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey: Empowering Employees. Inspiring Change.

Who is eligible to take the survey?

Full- and part-time permanent, non-seasonal employees, including Title 42 and Commissioned Corps employees, on-board on or before October 28, 2017. Presently, contactors are not eligible for FEVS participation.

Who will receive the “pilot survey” that OPM is testing for 2018?

This year, OPM is piloting revisions to the current FEVS survey. Every eligible employee who completes the traditional FEVS survey by June 15th will receive an invitation to take the pilot survey within one week. The pilot survey is completely voluntary and will be available to eligible employees until June 21st. OPM will use your feedback and comments on this pilot survey to help improve future FEVS surveys.

  • The pilot survey is an OPM authorized survey
  • Invitation to complete the pilot survey will come from:
  • This updated version of the survey is being tested to replace the current survey and is a good opportunity to provide feedback to OPM. Comments are welcome at the end of the pilot survey.
  • Your candid and confidential responses on this voluntary pilot survey will help OPM to select the best topics and questions moving into future FEVS administrations.
How long does it take to complete the survey?

You should be able to complete the survey in approximately 20-25 minutes.

How do I know that my responses will remain confidential?

OPM is responsible for administering the FEVS and does not provide raw data to any participating Federal agencies. Therefore, no HHS Operating Divisions will have access to any individuals’ responses. All reports provided to HHS from OPM will present calculated aggregate percentages only. All data are rolled up to reports that have at least 10 responses to protect the confidentiality of all respondents to the FEVS. Please review the confidentiality infographic to learn about the process.

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes, the survey is voluntary, but participation is encouraged and valued. We use your input to gauge how we are doing, where we can improve, and create positive changes throughout the agency. Please help us ensure that the NIH excels at providing a safe, effective, and engaging workplace for all our employees. 

May I pass/forward the survey on to someone else to take?

No, each link to the survey is unique and can only be used once. Please do not forward your link to any individuals or groups, because after the survey has been completed by one person, the link will no longer allow you to access the survey.

What should I do if I mistakenly delete my survey email invitation?

If you delete your invitation, you can wait to the following week when your reminder email will be sent to you. This reminder email includes your unique link to the 2018 FEVS and you can then access your survey.

Who/what are the some of the terms referring to (e.g. agency and senior leader)?

Please visit the FEVS Key Terms page for a list of NIH definitions to key terms used on the FEVS.