How can an employee request episodic FMLA leave under intermittent schedule conditions (calling out)?

Employees whose approved FMLA leave under an intermittent schedule allows for episodic leave requests (e.g., condition manifests in an unscheduled manner and employees require leave) should make FMLA leave requests as soon as possible and explicitly notify their leave approving official that the leave is for FMLA when “calling out.” If the employee has been approved for FMLA leave under an intermittent schedule , has not exceeded the maximum length of time app roved , and is within the 12 month period, the leave approving official must approve this particular episodic FMLA leave request and may not seek further certification or violate the confidentiality of the employee regarding this episodic FMLA leave request. It should be accurately recorded as “FMLA leave” in ITAS.