Web-Based Technologies

Supports the development, maintenance and application of web-based systems, services and technologies (e.g., Internet, intranet, extranet, and website).

Key Behaviors
  • Considers stakeholder needs when recommending appropriate web technologies.
  • Considers the organization’s strategic vision of web technology solutions.
  • Evaluates current collaborative web technologies and the benefits/risks associated with them.
  • Considers internal factors such as records management, human resources, etc. when making decisions involving technologies.
  • Assesses delivery strategies, web technologies, oversight, and organizational implications for web-based development.
  • Knows Internet standards relative to web technology development.
  • Considers web technology in relation to privacy standards and Federal regulations.
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating new web technologies and applications into the Federal Government’s IT infrastructure.
  • Identifies and uses tools for information management and technology product design and development.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.