Travel Management

Assists travelers and travel planners in interpreting and applying travel regulations, policies and procedures.

Key Behaviors
  • Advises travelers or preparers on appropriate documentation and lead times required for sponsored travel and outside activities, domestic travel, foreign travel, premium class, non-contract carrier, foreign flag carrier, actual expense allowance and leave requests.
  • Coordinates within program area to maintain an awareness of upcoming travel and ensure adequate lead times to prepare applicable documentation (e.g., notification of foreign travel, sponsored travel).
  • Reviews travel vouchers and authorizations to ensure they can be accomplished within available funds.
  • Reviews and approves travel authorizations and travel vouchers in government travel management systems to ensure that they are in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations and HHS/NIH policies.
  • Manages travel cards (distribution, policies) and audit files.
  • Provides information to program staff on policies and procedures for government travelers and invited guests.
  • Processes and tracks travel actions using various travel information systems.
  • Monitors travel submissions and coordinates resolution of travel issues and concerns.
  • Collects and/or organizes data to provide applicable information for periodic data calls.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.