Property Management Assistance

Assists in advising staff on, reviewing and coordinating the acquisition, loan, transfer and disposal of accountable property items, per organization policy.

Key Behaviors
  • Gathers statistical information for the annual Board of Survey reports and identifies changes to policies and procedures to reduce risk of property loss.
  • Follows the designated process and enters information into the appropriate system to process.
  • Assists the Property Team in locating missing items.
  • Assists the AO in inventorying, operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and resolving minor problems and service requirements for a variety of office equipment.
  • Acts as liaison with vendors and service providers.
  • Explains HHS and NIH property policies, procedures and regulations in relation to the acquisition of accountable property items.
  • Reviews orders to verify proper code and classification of property (e.g., accountable, non-accountable); and follows the appropriate NIH procedures to ensure the appropriate Object Class (OC) Codes/expenditure type, custodial codes, and Common Accounting Number (CAN)/project numbers are used.
  • Drafts or reviews property documents (i.e., requests for property passes, donations, trade-ins, transfers, surplus, etc.) for accountable user information, property identification information and accounting data before submission to the Property Team.
  • Assists the AO in coordinating with the Property Team for the acquisition, shipment, maintenance, transfer and retirement of surplus NIH equipment.
  • Coordinates with the Property Team for routine acquisitions, shipments, maintenance, transfers and retirement of surplus NIH equipment.
  • Monitors and tracks property record changes (e.g., arrival, deployment or return of property assigned, changes to defined users, and changes in location of property due to office/lab moves).

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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