Organizational Development Consulting

Partners with stakeholders to determine causes for performance gaps and identifies developmental solutions in an attempt to improve organizational effectiveness.

Key Behaviors
  • Assists an organization with strategic planning to guide them from their current state to their desired state/vision.
  • Identifies and gathers necessary and accurate information needed to clarify an issue or make a decision, including research studies, benchmarking, or best practices research.
  • Understands management and organizational principles pertaining to areas of responsibility in order to plan and conduct assessments of organizational operations.
  • Develops customized training to fill organizational gaps.
  • Recognizes and plans for challenges associated with undertaking business process redesign and change management efforts.
  • Assesses the readiness for change of people and organizations prior to implementing any change activities.
  • Articulates the importance of the role of organizational development.
  • Understands organizational development as an applied social science and how the concepts and theories can be applied to organizational change to achieve greater effectiveness.
  • Conducts appropriate analysis to gather data about the organization's current state (e.g. needs assessment).
  • Proposes and/or implements appropriate team-building initiatives that encourage shared vision.
  • Assesses operations and workflows to provide guidance on the most effective design for the organization.
  • Aids the organization in developing techniques and activities that foster positive change.
  • Works with the organization to evaluate implemented organizational changes.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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