Human Resource Assistance

Assists in staffing, position management, training, timekeeping and payroll, and employee retention issues as directed and in accordance to the organization’s human resource policies and procedures.

Key Behaviors
  • Assists the AO in implementing the NIH Performance Management and Appraisal Program (PMAP).
  • Prepares, or prepares selected components of, HR packages, awards and justifications for incentives documents including recruitment, relocation, and retention incentives.
  • Assists managers in preparing documents to submit to the Division of International Services (DIS) for Non-FTEs.
  • Reviews routine training requests.
  • Reviews actions and performs records maintenance in the various HR systems as directed by the AO.
  • Serves as timekeeper; managing ITAS, supporting timekeeping activities, and resolving problems (i.e., timecards, pay).
  • Explains process and documentation requirements to managers for Commissioned Corps appointments and billets.
  • Gathers, enters and maintains information on positions and people to support workforce planning and data call activities.
  • Explains the process and documentation requirements for requested HR actions.
  • Reviews and prepares HR packages to ensure that they are in accordance with HR regulations, HHS/NIH policies and SOPs.
  • Supports the AO in coordinating with the Division of Commissioned Personnel (DCP) on Commissioned Corps appointments, billets, and Commissioned Corps Officers Evaluation and Review (COER), and other related activities.
  • Collaborates with HR, supervisors, and staff on workforce development, payroll, and performance issues and corrective employee actions.
  • Supports on-boarding activities, as directed by the AO.
  • Supports the AO in providing assistance for Fellowship actions (e.g., processes Fellowships, special volunteer agreements, stipends, health insurance).
  • Provides or responds to requests for information to program staff on the different visa types and lead times for the various types of foreign scientist categories.
  • Explains the rules and regulations for relocation and moving expenses to program staff.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.