Facilities and Space Management

Applies knowledge and concepts of space resource and asset management for the planning and management of organizational property, space, and assets.

Key Behaviors
  • Captures supply and demand data for space resources and assets; prepares space allocation plans and implements the plans within federal mandates.
  • Manages key information associated with space management, facility drawings, and workflow management within the organization.
  • Maintains the current space program inventory consistent with federal real property resource management requirements, making enhancements where applicable.
  • Administers comprehensive strategic planning, project management, and execution for all capital projects and interior renovations.
  • Manages the development of space planning solutions to address space resource needs in the areas of office space, data centers, laboratory, vivaria and clinical work settings.
  • Actively collaborates with others on cost estimating, interior design, facilities and systems evaluation, building code evaluation, contracts management, building planning and programming for office, in addition to data centers, lab, clinical and vivaria efforts.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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