Emerging Technologies

Maintains current knowledge of market trends and the evolution of technology in relevant specialty area(s).

Key Behaviors
  • Analyzes and evaluates data to determine or support decisions around, when to adopt new technologies (i.e., lead, follow).
  • Evaluates and pilots technologies prior to major investment or deployment.
  • Reviews, recommends, and/or determines emerging technologies based on their value.
  • Applies emerging and evolving technologies to current and future business needs at the operational and tactical levels.
  • Compares, contrasts and evaluates internal and external sources of information to assure awareness and understanding of new and emerging technology and its business implications.
  • Considers trends in technology and compares and contrasts options for flexibility and risk.
  • Manages competing priorities among future hardware and related software initiatives.
  • Researches regularly to understand and anticipate emerging business needs to ensure technology can adequately support business needs and processes.
  • Evaluates cost benefits of alternative IT and non-IT solutions to develop a business case, and ensure support and justification for the best alternative.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.

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