Contract Management and Administration Assistance

Assists in the administration of contract requirements, and in managing program and contractor relationships as directed.

Key Behaviors
  • Understands contract terms and conditions.
  • Assists the AO in routine tasks associated with the various contracting functions, including administering, modifying, closing out and terminating contracts.
  • Assists the AO in researching specific aspects of the contact award to help determine pay rates and preparing documents such as task orders.
  • Utilizes detailed guidance and supervisory assistance to allocate and monitor funds for various contracts.
  • Assists the Administrative Officer or Project Officer in the development of contract specifications.
  • Assists the AO/Project Officer in monitoring and managing the contract contractor performance, quality and compliance with contract terms and conditions by tracking obligations, monitoring invoices, monitoring hours billed on the contract, and troubleshooting invoice holds.
  • Implements appropriate actions related to contractor performance and applies remedies to protect the rights of the Government, as instructed by the AO.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.