Continuous Learning and Self-Development

Proactively investigates new perspectives, approaches, and behaviors, and takes steps to evaluate and improve performance.

Key Behaviors
  • Applies new technical and business information/knowledge to practical use on the job.
  • Seeks feedback from others and uses other sources of information (e.g., professional organizations, publications) to identify appropriate areas for learning.
  • Shows interest and pursues appropriate learning activities that fulfill self-development/learning needs.
  • Displays an open, curious, non-judgmental approach regarding differences of opinion.
  • Remains respectful in communications and approach where disagreement exists.
  • Demonstrates self-reflection and solicits feedback from others regarding performance.
  • Identifies individual challenges and seeks opportunities to grow.
  • Sets concrete goals for own work activities and behavior in order to achieve desired work outcomes and meet or exceed expectations.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.