Understands and applies knowledge of classification concepts, principles, and practices related to structuring organizations and positions and determining the appropriate pay system, occupational grouping, title, grade level, and FLSA determination of positions.

Key Behaviors
  • Provides advice, evaluates, and classifies high graded and/or politically sensitive jobs including complex work situations and occupations in the organization.
  • Designs, counsels and/or advises on organizational proposals that involve extensive analysis of a large, multi-mission, complex, or diverse organization.
  • Analyzes or provides contributions to the analysis of organizations for productivity and efficiency gains, and provides recommendations to management officials on the most effective position/skill mix, work processes, organizational structures, etc.
  • Evaluates, classifies, and prepares necessary documentation for positions in the General Schedule, Senior Executive Service, Federal Wage System, etc.

Developmental opportunities for this competency are available from the NIH Training Center.