Anonymous Reports

Reports can be made anonymously, which means you do not have to identify yourself.  However, officials must follow up on all allegations of harassment and cannot guarantee that your identity will not become apparent during the process. 

Please note that if you remain anonymous, key details about the allegation or concern to be omitted. This will limit the NIH’s ability to conduct an inquiry and take corrective action as warranted.


We understand that confidentiality is a concern for many.

Confidentiality indicates that what you say is private or secret and no further action will be taken.  Civil is not a confidential resource.

Management officials cannot guarantee confidentiality when it comes to allegations of harassment.  If you report an allegation that meets the definition of harassment, including sexual harassment, your supervisor or manager must contact the Civil Program.

There are other offices that operate under principles of confidentiality. You can reach out to them to discuss any concerns and they are not be required to take action.