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The NIH MI recruitment season normally begins in March and concludes in June, with a program start date by August (technically on the Monday for the very last payroll period starting-up in July). Information sessions occur in March (please see the MI landing page for dates and locations)

The assessment phase for recruits includes a written exercise, a group exercise, and a final interview in front of a panel. These would usually occur between May and June for onboarding by August. Please see "Application Process," below, for more information.

Please learn more about eligibility at the Management Intern Program Eligibility page.

This Management Intern Program is open to current NIH employees only!

Vacancy Announcement

This year’s Management Intern Vacancy Announcement opens on Monday, April 6, 2020. It will close at midnight on Friday, April 10, 2020. Please mark your calendar.

Eligibility Alert

Please confirm that you meet the specific NIH Management Internship Program eligibility requirements to apply for the program.

Application Process

Applicant Requirement

Applicants must submit completed application packages online. Application packages received after an application deadline will NOT be accepted.

Agency Responsibility and Review

All applications are reviewed and evaluated by Human Resources for eligibility. A roster is then submitted to the Program Manager for review and processing.

Agency Notification to Applicants

Applicants are notified of their application status approximately two weeks after an application deadline. All highly qualified candidates (quarterfinalists) are required to participate in an extemporaneous writing exercise.

Extemporaneous Writing Exercise

Quarterfinalists are asked to report to the NIH Training Center, usually in May, for an extemporaneous written exercise. The written exercise is one hour and the topic not made available until applicants report for the exercise. Applicants are provided all the necessary materials, including a computer equipped with MS Word.

Out-of-town applicants are given the opportunity to provide an extemporaneous writing sample from their current duty station. However, please note that out-of-town applicants who get that far will need to make their own arrangements to attend group and final interviews in Bethesda. Additionally, out-of-town applicants must relocate to Bethesda if ultimately accepted into the program.

Group Exercise

Group interviews generally take place in June and include a group problem-solving exercise. The group exercise and related interview (6 or 7 individuals per group) take approximately 45 minutes. There are no opportunities at all for rescheduling this portion of the process.

Finalists’ Interviews

Candidates for final interviews are notified later in June. Finalists are notified by email and phone of their status and given the date, time and location for their final card interview.

Notification of Finalists

Selections of eligible and qualified candidates by the ATC are usually finalized by late June. Thereafter, the Office of Human Resources informs selectees via email.

Contact Information

Receive important recruitment announcements for the Management Intern Program via our listserv. When currently recruiting, these announcements and notices will keep you abreast.

Join the Management Intern Recruitment Information listserv.

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