Data Analysis Essentials

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This 2-day course is designed to go beyond the qualitative side of data analysis. Explore proven quantitative tools and methods for analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing data. Learn the best practices for organizing, summarizing, and interpreting quantitative data. Using Excel as the main tool, students will learn how to solve the problem of how to productively handle the spreadsheets and reports. This class targets budget analysts, program/management analysts, and others who seek to enhance their data analysis skills.
Note: this course assumes participants have a basic understanding of Excel.

Key Topics
  • Interpreting and translating data into decisions
  • Effective use of data and statistics in business
  • Consequences of improper data manipulations
  • Quantitative data collection methods
  • Improving analysis success by effectively utilizing software
  • Understanding regression, trend lines, and scenarios in Excel
  • Utilizing Business software
  • Finding and analyzing data patterns, trends, and fluctuations


All NIH Employees