White Flint - NIH Training Center






There is no parking in the building. You have the option to park at the North Bethesda (formerly White Flint) Metro garage or the Woodglen lot. More details and examples below.

North Bethesda (formerly White Flint) Metro Garage

Woodglen Parking Lot

On-Site and Local Amenities

At the Training Center, we have several food and drink options that are within walking distance. We've listed a few below in case you need refreshments before, in-between, or after training:

  • 7/11
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Harris Teeter (grocery store)
  • McDonald's
  • Papa John's Pizza
  • Pike and Rose (Map)
  • Popeye's

Note: Currently our on-site cafe is not in operation and any refrigeration or microwave access is not available.

Map of close by restaurants and amenities for NIH Training Center and North Bethesda Station