Job Terminology Glossary

Name (Sorted descending) Term Description
Major Duties

Those that represent the primary reason for the position's existence, and which govern the qualification requirements. Typically, they occupy most of the employee's time. (Introduction to Position Classification Standards, p. (12))

Merit Promotion Plan

A program to insure a systematic means of selection for promotion according to merit and designed to administer the agency authority to promote, demote, or reassign employees in covered positions. The merit promotion plan describes the policies and procedures to be used in selecting best-qualified applicants to fill vacancies on the basis of merit and qualifications to ensure that basically qualified available applicants receive fair consideration for positions filled under competitive procedures. (5 CFR 335.102 and 103) and NIH Policy Manual – NIH Merit Promotion Plan)

Minimum Educational Requirements

(Also described as “Positive Education.”)The establishment of minimum educational requirements when OPM has determined that the work cannot be performed by persons who do not possess the prescribed minimum education. This includes instances where it would not be cost-effective for an individual to acquire, through on-the-job training, the KSA's necessary for successful performance of the critical duties within a reasonable period of time. In addition, education is sometimes required by law for a position because of the impact on public health and safety or national security. The same minimum educational requirements apply to all applicants and employees, including employees detailed to an occupational series with minimum educational requirements. (OPM Classification & Qualifications and 5 USC 3308)

Minimum Qualifications

Qualifications that an applicant must possess, at a minimum, to be eligible for hire or promotion under the competitive system. Minimum qualifications are typically expressed in terms of job-related years of experience or education, i.e., course credit hours or a combination of the two. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualification requirements for the position receive no further consideration. (OPM Classification & Qualification)