Job Terminology Glossary

Name (Sorted descending) Term Description
Locality Pay

Supplemental locality-based payments in addition to the rate of basic pay that apply in geographic areas where non-Federal pay exceeds Federal pay by more than 5 percent. Most Federal employees—including General Schedule, Senior Executive Services, and senior-level employees, but excluding blue-collar employees and officials paid under the Executive Schedule—are eligible for locality pay. A locality pay area is a geographic area that serves as the basis for setting pay and is established by the President’s Pay Agent for General Schedule employees. The Pay Agent has established 46 GS locality pay areas, including separate locality pay areas for “Alaska” and “Hawaii” as well as a designation of “Rest of U.S.” for other non-foreign locality pay areas. (OPM Pay & Leave5 USC 53045 CFR 531.602 and 605)

Luevano Consent Decree

A court decree entered on November 19, 1981 by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia in the civil action known as Luevano v. OPM and numbered as No. 79-271. The decree became effective on January 18, 1982. The decree has as its purpose the elimination of adverse impact, if any, in the appointment of African Americans and Hispanics to a variety of positions at GS-05 and GS-07 formerly covered by the Professional and Administrative Career Examination (PACE). (DEO Handbook Glossary)