Job Terminology Glossary

Name (Sorted descending) Term Description
Education Above the High School Level (or Post High-School Education)

Is successfully completed progressive study at an accredited business or technical school, junior college, college, or university where the institution normally requires a high school diploma or equivalent for admission. (OPM Classification & Qualifications)


(See also "Candidate"). An applicant who satisfies the minimum qualifications requirements for the position, which includes being rated 70 or more in an examination for a Federal job, and therefore is eligible for consideration. (DEO Handbook Glossary and 5 CFR 210.102)

Excepted Service

Unclassified service, unclassified Civil Service or positions outside the competitive service and the senior executive service. Excepted service positions have been excepted from the requirements of the competitive service by law, Executive order, or OPM regulation. (OPM GPPA Ch 35 p (35-4))

Extramural or Extramural Research

Organizational component of research in support of biomedical and behavioral research and research training by scientists located at universities, research institutions, and medical centers across the United States and abroad. Extramural research is research supported by NIH through a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement. (NIH OER)