Job Terminology Glossary

Name (Sorted descending) Term Description
Bargaining Unit/Unit

A grouping of employees that a union represents or seeks to represent that is found to be appropriate for collective bargaining purposes. A clear and identifiable community of interest among the employees in the unit and will promote effective dealings with, and efficiency of the operations of the agency involved. The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) oversees representation elections and determines the appropriateness of units. (5 USC 7112)

Basic Qualifications/Basic Requirement

(See also “Minimum Qualifications”). All established minimum qualification requirements as prescribed in the OPM Operating Manual – Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions or an OPM-approved agency-specific qualification standard including appropriate selective factor(s) for the position being filled. (OPM Classification & Qualifications)


A comprehensive package of federal benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement benefits, long-term disability insurance and flexible spending accounts. Eligibility for certain benefits depends on appointment type.