Designate Regular Telework Days for Maxiflex Employees

Logging in

Log into the Integrated Time and Attendance system (ITAS). Click on the login button and use your PIV Card and pin. If you are exempt from using your PIV card, click on login without PIV link.

iTrust Login Screen

Once logged in to ITAS select Employee under Change Role if needed.

Designate regular telework

Maxiflex Employees must designate their Regular Telework days via the Certify Timecard each pay period.

Employee must be eligible for Regular Telework in order to perform this task.

In order to designate Regular Telework days for the current pay period by performing the following steps:

  1. From the ITAS Welcome Screen, click on Certify Timecard in the left navigation area.
  2. Click on gray details box next to Regular.
    ITAS Maxiflex steps 1-2
  3. Select Regular from the Telework list.
    • If you are required to enter start/stop times, you must include start/stop times for your regular telework day.
    • To remove Telework from the Timecard, select None from the Telework list
  4. Click the OK button to save changes or the Reset button to clear changes.
    ITAS Maxiflex steps 3-4

The Employee’s Admin Officer or Timekeeper can perform this task if necessary.