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Latest Newsletter: October, 2019

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 4:53pm

Did you know that the Federal Benefits Open Season happens only once a year?  Unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event during the year, the Open Season is your only opportunity to enroll, cancel your enrollment, or make a change to your enrollment for the participating programs.  The Open Season will run November 11 – December 9, 2019. This is the time to review and update your benefits, if needed.  Don’t miss out on this important opportunity.

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 4:56pm

Do you have questions about the available plans? Perhaps you want information on High-Deductible Health Plans or a Health Savings Account?  Know your options! Mark your calendar and make plans to join us for one of the Open Season Fairs. You’ll have an opportunity to speak directly with the plan experts to get answers to your questions. The scheduled fairs are as follows:

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5:02pm

The Long Term Care Partners are offering the following free benefits and advanced-planning webinars: 

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5:09pm

Do you have questions about the 2020 plan benefits?  In addition to the in-person Benefits Open Season Fairs being held in November; a Virtual Benefits Open Season Fair is also being held.  You may register to attend the virtual fair to chat with carriers, review 2020 plan details, and get the information you need to help you make the right decisions for you.  Log into the Virtual Benefits Fair anytime during the Benefits Open Season (November 11 - December 9) to visit individual carrier booths, watch instructional videos, and register for educational webinars

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5:12pm

Dual enrollment in the FEHB Program is prohibited, except under very limited circumstances.  Dual enrollment is when you or an eligible family member covered under your “self and family” or “Self Plus One” enrollment is also covered under another FEHB enrollment.  For circumstances where dual enrollment is allowed, it must be authorized by the Benefits & Payroll Liaison Branch and will only be allowed when you or an eligible family member would other

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5:18pm

To be eligible to continue your health benefits enrollment into retirement, you must: (1) have retired on an immediate annuity (that is, an annuity which begins to accrue no later than one month after the date of your final separation); and (2) have been continuously enrolled (or covered as a family member) in any FEHB Program plan (not necessarily the same plan) for the five years of service immediately preceding retirement, or if less than five years, for all service since your first opportunity to enroll.

Sat, Oct 19th 2019, 5:20pm

Your eligibility to retire depends upon your age, years of creditable service, and the retirement system under which you are covered.   For information on the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS and CSRS-Offset), go here.  For information on the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS, FERS-RAE and FERS-FRAE), go here.