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Welcome to Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia

Below are some of the resources for MD, VA and the DC Metropolitan area.  This area encompasses approximately a 60 mile radius of the NIH Bethesda, MD Campus.

Maryland FlagOfficial website of the State of Maryland

Virginia FlagOfficial website of the Commonwealth of Virginia

DC FlagOfficial website of the District of Columbia



Maryland FlagMD Camping

Virginia FlagVA Camping

DC FlagDC Camping

  • There isn’t any camping in District of Columbia (DC), however, you will find camping fairly close by in Maryland and Virginia.


Maryland FlagMD Craigslist

Virginia FlagVA Craigslist

DC FlagDC Craigslist



Maryland FlagMD Education

MD Childcare Centers and Preschools

MD County Schools System Websites

MD Private Schools

MD Colleges and Universities

MD Vocational, Technical and Trade Schools

Virginia FlagVA Education

VA Pre Schools

VA Private Schools

VA Public Schools

VA Colleges and Universities

VA Public School System Websites

DC FlagDC Education

DC Preschools

DC Public Schools

DC Charter Schools

DC Private Schools

DC Colleges and Universities

DC Technical Schools

Employment Opportunities for Spouses and Families
Mail Services
Transportation in the Community
Department of Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicle Administration

EZ Pass

EZ-Pass is an electronic toll collection system. Motorists open a prepaid account and attach a small electronic device called a transponder to their windshield or license plate. As vehicles travel through toll facilities, tolls are automatically deducted from a prepaid account.

Maryland FlagMD EZ-Pass

Virginia FlagVA EZ-Pass

DC FlagDC EZ-Pass

  • DC passes must be purchased from another state's website. Go to MD EZ-Pass or VA EZ-Pass site to purchase your device.
HOV Lane


Maryland FlagMD HOV Lane

Virginia FlagVA HOV Lane

DC FlagDC HOV Lane

Metro - Subway and Buses
Parking Meter Information—Including Payment Systems


Maryland FlagVirginia FlagDC FlagMD-VA-DC

Voter Registration


Maryland FlagMD Voter Registration

Virginia FlagVA Voter Registration

DC FlagDC Voter Registration​