Supervisor/Management Benefits of Mentoring


The organizational benefits of mentoring programs cascade down to the management and supervisory level.

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Reduced professional development costs
  • Proactive succession planning • Employee empowerment
  • Leadership and skill development
  • Stronger inner-organizational networks
  • Goal achievement
  • Facilitates the growth and development of high-potential leaders
  • Demonstrates visible commitment to staff development and continuous learning
  • Transfers and maintains institutional knowledge
  • Increased morale
  • Decreased turnover
  • Skill building

Mentees can learn valuable knowledge from the mentor’s expertise and past mistakes, strengthening competencies in specific areas. Mentees can establish valuable connections with higher level employees internal to the organization or cross-organizationally. The success of mentoring will depend on clearly defined roles and expectations in addition to the participant’s awareness of the benefits of participating in the mentoring program.

Supervisor/Manager Role in Mentoring Program 

  • Encourage participation
  • Consult in goal development
  • Monthly/bi-weekly check-in

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