TALX: Employment and Income Verification System


TALX is used to verify proof of employment and income of Federal civilian employees  (not Fellows or Commissioned Corps personnel).


  1. Complete the verifier’s authorization form.
  2. Provide the verifier with:
    • TALX access options. Either website or phone number (1-800-367-5690)
    • HHS Employer Code: 14775
    • Salary Key  (if needed) . Employee Login will be required

For more information, read about the HHS verification process.

Employee Login

  1. Enter a User id and Pin.
    • User id: Social Security number (SSN)
    • Initial pin: last 4 digits of SSN + full birth year
  2. Enroll in the Enhanced Security or Risk Based Authentication

Verification Support for Employees

Please note: If you are charged for a verification, contact HR System Support for steps to get reimbursed.