NIH Civil Committee Charter


Civil is the NIH program that addresses matters pertaining to the prevention of violence in the NIH workplace.  Matters include behaviors of concern that may lead to acts of violence and include suicidal ideation, bullying, domestic violence, and intimidating or harassing behavior.  The Civil program consists of an Advisory Committee reporting to the Deputy Director for Management, NIH, and a Response Team.  The NIH Civil Advisory Committee is a group of highly specialized staff members and senior managers whose purpose is to (1) prevent workplace violence through policy development and education; (2) develop and maintain an NIH infrastructure capability to intervene upon request to help ICs resolve behavioral concerns, critical incidents, and violence when they occur, and; (3) develop and maintain an NIH infrastructure capability which, upon request, can manage the aftermath of a critical incident to restore the workplace to a productive state.


Civil shall consult with, advise, and make recommendations to the Deputy Director for Management, NIH, on issues and concerns that are important to the development and maintenance of an NIH capability to (1) prevent violence in the workplace, (2) educate NIH staff about violence in the workplace, (3) resolve violent situations and those that may lead to violence in a safe and professional manner, and (4) restore the affected workplace to a productive state.  In carrying out these broad functions, Civil will specifically:

  1. formulate and recommend policy for the signature of the Deputy Director for Management, NIH;
  2. identify resources and recommend additional resource allocations as needed to those key
  3. offices that comprise the infrastructure necessary to address all aspects of violence in the workplace;
  4. ensure resources are utilized to educate the NIH community to recognize violent or
  5. potentially violent situations and to respond appropriately;
  6. monitor and evaluate how the Response Team and the NIH community handle potential and actual acts of violence;
  7. monitor and evaluate how the Response Team and the NIH community handle the aftermath
  8. of a violent incident or threat of violence in an effort to restore the workplace to a productive state;
  9. serve in the capacity of advisor to the Deputy Director for Management, NIH, on matters
  10. pertaining to violence; and,
  11. oversee and assist workgroups  and subcommittees  as needed.


Civil shall consist of 12 members (plus 2 ex officio members) appointed by the Deputy Director for Management, NIH, who shall appoint one of the IC Executive Officers as Chair.

Members shall be drawn from the following offices  or functions:

  1. Division  of Public Safety  (1)
  2. Intramural Scientist  (1)
  3. Extramural Scientist representing DEA (1)
  4. Intramural Administrative Officer  (1)
  5. Extramural Administrative Officer  (1)
  6. Equal Employment Opportunity Office (1)
  7. Employee Relations staff  (1)
  8. Civil Coordinator (1)
  9. IC Executive Officer, one to be appointed Chair (4)

In addition, one representative from the NIH Employee Assistance Program  and one from the NIH Center  for Cooperative Resolution shall be appointed as ex officio members.  Members shall be invited  to serve for overlapping terms of three years.  Members may serve after the expiration of that member's term until a successor has taken office.  The Response Coordinator shall be a permanent member  by virtue of position.
As necessary, standing and ad hoc subcommittees, composed of members  ofthe parent committee and others, may be established to perform  specific  functions within Civil's jurisdiction. Upon approval  by the Chair, the advice ofthe subcommittee shall be considered the advice of Civil.
A quorum for the conduct  of business by the full Committee shall consist of a majority  of currently appointed members.   A quorum for the conduct  of each subcommittee shall also consist  of a majority of the appointed members.
Management and support  services  shall be provided  by the Employee and Labor Relations Branch, Workforce Relations Division, Office of Human  Resources, Office of the Director, NIH.


Meetings shall be held approximately four times per year.  The Civil Coordinator shall serve as the Executive Secretary and will prepare  and distribute minutes  of meetings  to the members,  to IC Executive Officers,  and the Deputy  Director for Management, NIH, as appropriate. An Annual Report  will be prepared  for distribution to NIH Senior  Leadership.

Termination Date

Civil shall remain active at the discretion of the Director, NIH.


Colleen Barros
Deputy Director for Management, NIH