The NIH Civil Program

The Civil Program’s mission is to foster civility throughout the NIH community. Contact the Civil Program if you become aware of a workplace situation involving uncivil behavior, such as harassment, sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct, intimidation, bullying, or other unproductive, disruptive, and/or violent behaviors.

Report a Concern

​This section includes Anti-Harassment related policies and role-based toolkits to assist the NIH community.
​This section includes guidance and role-based toolkits to assist the NIH community.
​This section provides guidance on what to expect after a concern is reported.
​This section provides guidance on workplace violence prevention and other areas in the Civil Program portfolio.
​This section contains information on a wide variety of resources for the NIH community.

Take the workplace climate survey

Contact Civil

Call the Anti-Harassment Hotline on 833-224-3829 to reach the call center.

Call the main line on 301-40C-ivil (301-402-4845) to reach a member of the Civil Team.

For those (callers or employees) who are Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, or Speech Impaired, the Federal Relay Service provides free telecommunications relay services (TRS).

View your preferred relay service.

Civil is not intended to be used as a substitute for calling 911 when an individual feels police or emergency help is needed. To ask questions or share concerns regarding the NIH Civil Program or if you would like a presentation tailored to meet the needs of your organization, please contact The Civil Team: