Sample Critical Elements

When developing plans, please consider the following:

  • Critical elements should be written at Level 3 (Achieved Expected Results).
  • Critical elements should be realistic and reflect what needs to be done by the employee to meet the mission of the unit and support the objectives of the supervisors in the chain of command.
  • Select measures that add value and more fully clarify the level of performance that is desired.
  • Select measures that can be assessed accurately and easily.
  • Supervisors should communicate the methodologies to be employed for evaluating performance for each critical element.
  • Critical elements should be clear enough that they invoke a general consensus between the supervisor and employee as to their meaning.
  • If supervisors anticipate that an employee would have difficulty meeting Level 3 for any critical element, the servicing Employee Relations Specialist from the Employee and Labor Relations Team, Workforce Relations Division, OHR, should be contacted immediately.
  • All PMAP plans must have at least one individual performance outcome (under Section II.B.) that aligns or tracks back to the HHS Strategic Plan. The “cascade” element should be identified in the following way under the appropriate outcome in the performance plan: “This element also relates to and supports objectives in the HHS Strategic Plan, specifically [cite the specific objective].” For a suggestion as to which aspect of the HHS Strategic Plan these positions may cascade from, please see the cascading flow chart.
  • These sample plans should be customized to fit the particular expectations of the position.
  • The table is organized by series number.
  • The  Office Acquisition and Logistics Management (OALM)  has developed critical elements on FAC-COR and Small Business requirements.
Series Title
180 Psychology Series
301 Miscellaneous Administration and Program Series
301 Ethics Specialist GS-12
Ethics Specialist GS-13
301 Management Interns and Presidential Fellows
301 Program Specialist
301 Staff Assistant - GS-11/12
301 Workforce Resources Specialist
303 Administrative Technician
303 Administrative Technician
303 Lab Manager and Assistant
303 Program Assistant
303 Office Automation Clerk
318 Secretary
341 Administrative Officer Series
343 Management Analysis Series
401 Senior Investigator, Investigator, Senior Scientist or Senior Clinician
403 Microbiology Series
404 Research Assistant / Senior Research Assistant
440 Genetics Series
501 Grants Financial Analyst
510 Accountant
601 Health Science Administrator - Science Policy Program Coordinator
601 Health Science Administrator - Scientific Review Officer
601 Health Science Administrator - Technology Transfer
601 Health Science Administrator - Program Officer
601 Scientific Review Administrator / Health Scientist Administrator
601 Health Science Policy Analyst
601 Science Program Analyst
601 Epidemiologist
602 Clinical Fellow/Research Fellow
602 Medical Officer
602 Medical Officer Series
610 Clinical Nurse Specialist
610 Clinical Research Nurse Level 1
Clinical Research Nurse Level 2
Clinical Research Nurse Level 3
644 Medical Technologist Series (GS-9)
644 Lead Medical Technologist (GS-12)
647 MRI Technologist (GS-11/12)
647 Diagnostic Radiologic Technician Series
685 Public Health Program Specialist
685 Public Health Analyst
802 Engineering Technician
858 Biomedical Engineering Series
1082 Technical Writer/Editor
1102 Contracting Series
1105 Purchasing Series
1320 Chemistry Series
1410 Reference Librarian
1410 Systems Librarian
1412 Technical Information Specialist
2010 Inventory Management
2210 IT Specialist - Customer Support
IT Specialist - Data Management
IT Specialist - Operating Systems
IT Specialist - Security
IT Specialist - Systems Administration
IT Specialist - Systems Analysis
varies Staff Scientist
varies Web Editor

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