NIH Employee Referral Award Program

The NIH Employee Referral Award Program is an awards program that could be a great opportunity for you to earn up to $1,000 while helping your friends and associates find jobs at NIH. The NIH Employee Referral Award Program is designed to reward employees when an external job candidate they refer is hired into one of the “hard-to-fill”, mission critical, high value positions at the grade levels specified in the plan.

  • Medical Officer, GS-0602, Grades 13-15
  • Health Science Administrator, GS-0601, Grades 13-15
  • Biomedical Engineering, GS-0858, Grades 13-15
  • Computer Science, GS-1550, Grades 13-15

The following occupations are award-eligible positions at NIH:

  • Computer Engineering, GS-0854, Grades 13-15
  • Operations Research, GS-1515, Grades 13-15
  • Nurse, GS-610 and GS-620, Grades 12-15
  • Police, GS-0083, Grades 5-12
  • Microbiologist, GS-0403, Grades 9-15
  • Pharmacist, GS-0660, Grades 11-15
  • Chemist, GS-1320, Grades 9-15
  • Information Technology Specialist, GS-2210, Grades 9-15

Please note: Only positions in the occupations listed above and filled at the specified grades levels qualify for a referral award. Not all positions will have vacancies at any given time.

If you refer an external candidate for any of the award-eligible open positions listed above, you will receive a cash award of up to $1,000 once the referred employee has completed 90 days of employment with NIH.

Please review information about the program including the HHS Employee Referral Award Program policy; the categories of award-eligible employees and ineligible candidates; and the procedures for initiating payment on this website. To refer a candidate, the HHS Employee Referral Award form and the NIH Award Nomination Form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Branch of the Client Services Division, OHR. These forms are used to certify the referral and to process the disbursement of funds.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to learn more about this program and start referring your friends and associates for award-eligible positions. If you have additional questions about this program, please contact Tina Walton.