HHS Secretary's Award

The most critical feature of the nomination is to set forth the achievements which make the team or individual worthy of recognition by the Secretary. Nominations should highlight displays of leadership, skill, ability, and customer service performed in such a manner that the team and/or employee performed significantly above those with similar duties, and that the results of these efforts were distinctly beneficial to the Department. In all cases, performance should clearly exceed expectations. While the nominations of individuals will be accepted, the award encourages the recognition of teamwork. Teams may consist of employees from the same organization or from a number of different organizations.

Although specific categories have not been prescribed, it is expected that a diverse pool of employees from all organizational levels will be nominated. Managers and supervisors should broadly distribute the nomination guidelines and should encourage and accept nominations from peers, team members, team leaders, supervisors, and internal customers.

Criteria for Award

Examples of accomplishments which advance the mission and goals of the DHHS include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A re-engineered work process which provides better customer service and positive performance outcomes.
  • Major improvement to the operation of an HHS office or program by integrating processes.
  • Active involvement in a community effort which successfully allows persons with disabilities and older Americans to remain independent, or one which discourages children from adopting high-risk behaviors.
  • An innovative way to deliver an HHS program to more customers at no increase in cost.
  • A new strategy for reducing risk-taking behaviors and promoting health life styles.
  • A self directed team which developed ways to do work better at no additional cost or at less cost.
  • An HHS program made more accessible to customers.
  • A newly developed protocol which has resulted in timely and effective methods, techniques, processes or treatments.
  • A strengthened partnership between HHS and its customers.
  • A work place with noticeable improvements in employee morale, safety, and/or health.
  • Voluntary risk of personal safety and demonstration of courage which directly benefit HHS or the community at large.

Previous Winners

2019 HHS Departmental Awards

2018 HHS Departmental Awards

2016-2017 HHS Departmental Awards

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