2022 NIH Director’s Awards Guidelines

NIH Director's Awards Nominations

The NIH Director’s Awards are intended to recognize exceptional performance or special efforts significantly beyond regular duty requirements and is directly related to fulfilling the NIH mission. Nominations are submitted for one of the four specific categories according to the nature of the act, service, or work performance.

General guidelines

These guidelines apply to the four award categories for the Director's Awards.

General guidelines, categories 1-4

Category 1: Scientific/Medical

All NIH employees or groups of employees performing research, administering clinical/scientific disciplines, or working in scientific professions, such as Medical Officers, Health Science Administrators, Biologists, Chemists, Veterinarians, Dentists, and Nurses.

Cat 1: eligibility and nomination criteria

Category 2: Administrative

All NIH employees or groups of NIH employees performing, administering, or working in administrative functions, such as Budget, Human Resources, Grants Management, Contracts, Accounting, Information Technology, and Public Affairs and Communication, to support the scientific mission of the NIH.

Cat 2: ligibility and nomination criteria

Category 3: Mission Support

All NIH employees or groups of employees in grades GS-1 through GS-12 or Wage Grade (WG) equivalent technical work in trades, crafts, or labor work who may not be otherwise included in the administrative or scientific categories.

Cat 3: eligibility and nomination criteria

Category 4: Common Fund Leadership

To recognize superior performance or special efforts significantly beyond the regular duty requirements that are directly related to fulfilling the NIH mission.

Cat 4: eligibility and nomination criteria

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

This award is designed to support and encourage the continuation of mentoring activities within the organization and to establish mentoring as a core value at the NIH. The award is given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a high-quality mentor to one or more individuals.

Eligibility and nomination criteria

Alan S. Rabson Award for Clinical Care

This award is to recognize outstanding clinical researchers who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to assisting patients and their families who look to the National Institutes of Health for help. Recipients of this award exemplify Dr. Rabson’s unswerving commitment to scientific and technical excellence, collaboration with colleagues, and provision of excellent, compassionate care for patients and those who love them.

Eligibility and nomination criteria

The NIH Work/Life and Well-Being Champion

This award is intended to recognize one supervisor’s exceptional performance or special efforts in supporting their employees’ work/life and well-being while maintaining or improving productivity in support of the agency’s mission.

Eligibility and nomination criteria

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