2020 NIH Director's Awards: National Institute of General Medical Sciences

A message from Dr. Jon R. Lorsch, Director, National Institute of General Medical Sciences


Mosaic Program Team
For the successful implementation of the MOSAIC program, as part of NIGMS' and NIH's efforts to enhance diversity within the biomedical research workforce.

Alison E. Gammie, NIGMS
Kenneth D. Gibbs, NIGMS
Michael A. Sesma, NIGMS


NIGMS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Processing Referral Team
In recognition of leveraging Artificial Intelligence for business process automation at NIGMS and NIH, specifically in the referral of grant applications.

Erica L. Brown, NIGMS
Jose I. Lopez, NIGMS
Gary J. Marlowe, NIGMS
Nathan P. Moore, NIGMS
Aleksandr V. Naneyshvili, NIGMS
Valentyn Popovkin, NIGMS
Haluk Resat, NIGMS
Darren D. Sledjeski, NIGMS
Brian E. Steyskal, NIGMS
Christy Tran, NIGMS
Dori  Zuk, NIGMS

Stephanie A. Older, NIGMS
For exemplary leadership in strengthening public understanding and appreciation of science in support of the NIGMS and NIH mission.

Common Fund Leadership

Transformative High Resolution Cryo-EM Working Group
For extraordinary leadership and innovation in coordinating the Transformative High Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy Program (Cryo-EM).

Houmam H. Araj, NEI
Ravikumar Basavappa, OD
Jennifer M. Billington, NIGMS
Denis B. Buxton, NHLBI
Preethi Chander, NIDCR
Jue Chen, NHLBI
Jennifer A. Couch, NCI
Paula F. Flicker, NIGMS
Daniel L. Gallahan, NCI
Susan K. Gregurick, OD
Lyn B. Jakeman, NINDS
Malgorzata M. Klosek, OD
Stefan W. Maas, NIGMS
Ana E. Murcia, OD
Rao S. Rapaka, NIDA
Haluk Resat, NIGMS
Michael Sakalian, NIGMS
Margaret L. Schnoor, NIGMS
Salvatore Sechi, NIDDK
Lyl G. Tomlinson, OD
Maricela Trujillo, NIGMS
Jason T. Wan, NIDCR
Ronald Q. Warren, NHLBI
Dina L. Wilson, NIGMS
Mary Ann A. Wu, NIGMS


Claudia P. Gonzalez, NIGMS
For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

Recognition across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


Alison E. Gammie, NIGMS
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