2020 NIH Director's Awards: National Institute on Aging

A message from Dr. Richard Hodes, Director, National Institute on Aging


Pragati Katiyar, NIA
In recognition of the outstanding work for developing new methodology to determine the number of new investigators entering the Alzheimer's disease research from other disciplines.

System for Aging Grants Execution (SAGE) Implementation Team
In recognition for implementation and execution of new Funding Book System for Grant Application assigned to National Institute of Aging.

Robin A. Barr, NIA
Ariana M. Blake, NIA
Desislava I. Dancheva, NIA
Bridgette A. Hodge, NIA
Kurt E. John, NIA
Sajid Khan, NIA
Traci B. Lafferty, NIA
Eva Lawson-Lipchin, NIA
Harmeet S. Matta, NIA
Karen K. Nagata, NIA
Darren J. Schneider, CIT
Grace T. Shu, NIA
Gaylen G. Smith, NIA
Sanoj K. Suneja, NIA


Geroscience Summit Team
In recognition of scientific vision and organization of the third Geroscience Summit, Targeting Chronic Diseases Through Geroscience.

Kristin M. Abraham, NIDDK
Johanna T. Dwyer, OD
Jovier D. Evans, NIMH
Leslie A. Frieden, NIDCR
Paige A. Green, NCI
Evan C. Hadley, NIA
Todd E. Haim, NIA
Thomas K. Howcroft, NCI
Chamelli Jhappan, NCI
Ronald A. Kohanski, NIA
Gayle E. Lester, NIAMS
Francesca Macchiarini, NIA
Kristy M. Nicks, NIAMS
Youngsuk Oh, NHLBI
Mercy R. Prabhudas, NIAID
Grace L. Shen, NEI
Luis F. Sierra, NIA
Yisong Wang, NCCIH

Additional Awards


Marie A. Bernard, NIA
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