2020 NIH Director's Awards: National Eye Institute

A message from Dr. Santa J. Tumminia, Director, National Eye Institute


RPE Cell Therapy Team
For exceptional team work leading to a ground-breaking discovery in the field of RPE Cell Therapy.

Juan A. Amaral, NEI
Irina Bunea, NEI
Maria M. Campos, NEI
Kristi N. Creel, NEI
Roba G. Dejene, NEI
Steven L. Highfill, CC
Fang Hua, CC
Balendu S. Jha, CC
Yichao Li, NEI
Arvydas Maminishkis, NEI
Mary J. Mattapallil, NEI
David M. McGaughey, NEI
Kiyoharu J. Miyagishima, NEI
Haohua Qian, NEI
James M. Raber, NEI
Aaron C. Rising, NEI
Sarmila Sarkar, CC
Ruchi Sharma, NEI
Rafael S. Villasmil, NEI
Qin Wan, NEI
Dan Yu, CC
Congxiao Zhang, NEI


Optimize NIH Property Team
In recognition of extraordinary initiative and leadership in carrying out activities to improve NIH Property Program operations and benefit the NIH environment.

Emily M. Ballou, OD
Kim M. Black, NIDDK
Sergey M. Grinkrug, NIAID
Fanta Kamara, OD
Jessica L. Keener, NIAID
James A. Keisler, OD
Andrew D. Kelly, NCATS
Tina M. Kelsey, NICHD
George L. Martinez, OD
John J. McGowan, NIAID
Yenis C. Parada-Mejia, NIAID
Danielle L. Payne, NEI
Ellen M. Rolfes, NHGRI
Jessica R. Ryan, NEI
Keith H. Savage, NIAID
Victoria L. Schneider, NIAID
Waquita S. Smith, NIAID
Margaret A. Straubinger, OD
Brian G. Trent, NEI
Michael A. Tucker, NCI
Alonso J. Villanueva Valdivia, NIAID

Recognition across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


Grace L. Shen, NEI


Houmam H. Araj, NEI
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