2020 NIH Director's Awards: Clinical Center

A message from Dr. James K. Gilman, Chief Executive Officer, NIH Clinical Center


Materials Management & Environmental Services Department
In recognition of teamwork and collaboration, MMESD staff ensured continuity of operations and safe patient care during a period of extreme upheaval and uncertainty.

Belinda D. Avila, CC
Chauncey A. Buford, CC
Troy D. Cotton, CC
Tsehai  Crockett-Lynn, CC
Kevin A. Doty, CC
Ellen J. Eckes, CC
Bernard Harper, CC
Carlos  Hercules, CC
Michael V. Kennedy, CC

Kathleen P. Krisko, CC
Racquel M. O'Neal Felix, CC
James L. Outman, CC
David  Ram, CC
James V. Rowe, CC
Tonja M. Sirmons, CC
Raymond A. Spencer, CC
Shealea M. Steals, CC

Melissa A. Riley, CC
In recognition of excellent work in ensuring the Room Service section exceeds standards in promoting patient safety and satisfaction.


Broadus E. Queen, CC
In recognition of his outstanding customer service and positive attitude in the NIH Clinical Center Nutrition Room Service Call Center.

Recognition across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


John T. Kocher, CC


Steven L. Highfill, CC
Fang  Hua, CC
Balendu S. Jha, CC
Sarmila  Sarkar, CC
Dan  Yu, CC


Eva H. Baker, CC
Krista D. Cato, CC
Karen L. Grinnen, CC
David M. Lang, CC
Scott M. Paul, CC
Zenaide M. Quezado, CC
Muhammad H. Yousef, CC


David A. Saeger, CC
Maggi  Stakem, CC
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