2020 NIH Director's Awards: Center for Information Technology

A message from Andrea Norris, Director, Center for Information Technology


Andreas D. Baxevanis, NHGRI
For extraordinary leadership and scientific vision to oversee efforts to align almost 40 CIT researchers into intramural research programs across the IC's.

GAO Information Security Audit Team
In recognition of exceptional and sustained performance supporting, coordinating, and participating in an extended and in-depth GAO information security audit that involved multiple NIH organizations.

Stacie M. Alboum, CIT
Olugbemi F. Aofolaju, NLM
Erin M. Arms, NIAID
Roozbeh Saffari Ashtiani, OD
Steven A. Bailey, CIT
Denny F. Bermudez, OD
Stephen E. Bourque, NIAID
Stacy H. Charland, OD
Tsanming J. Chou, OD
John J. Conlon, OD
William P. Cullen, OD
Ivor L. D'Souza, NLM
Jothi N. Dugar, CIT
Matthew A. Eisenberg, NIAID
Jeffrey R. Erickson, CIT
Christopher Evans, NIAID
Inna Faenson, OD
Arne E. Fleisher, NIAID
Jennifer J. Freese, OD
Ronald J. Frost, OD
Dean A. Gelinas, OD
Dawn M. Gonchar, OD
Denis O. Granado-Lobo, OD
Kenneth L. Grossman, NIAID
Paul B. Hambright, CIT
Ryan C. Harvey, OD
Andrew K. Hastings, OD
Charlotte A. Hayes, OD
William Higdon, OD
John T. Kocher, CC
Dmitriy V. Kokiyelov, OD
Dar-Ning Kung, NLM

James F. Matala, CIT
Sara A. Mattix, OD
Bronislav Mezheritsky, OD
Catherine V. Milano, OD
Scott J. Mogar, OD
Renee A. Morgan, OD
Robert D. Morse, CIT
Fortunate O. Nwosu, OD
David B. Olson, OD
Jaqueline A. Peltekian, NLM
Shaun D. Ratliff, OD
Alex A. Salah, OD
Carlos Sanchez, OD
Kristi K. Schmidt, NIAID
James W. Seach, OD
Sara E. Selgrade, NIAID
Michael D. Shannon, OD
Amber A. Simco, OD
Michael W. Simpson, NLM
Meredith Stein, OD
Christopher R. Stenger, OD
Chantel L. Steward, CIT
Michael Tartakovsky, NIAID
Robert M. Thompson, CIT
Roman Tokman, OD
Anthony Trang, CIT
Alina V. Tretyak, OD
Timothy L. Watkins, OD
Jeffrey H. Weiner, OD
Jacquelyn M. Wilson, OD
Mikhail Yelovich, OD
Dawn A. Ziebarth, OD

Recognition across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


Darren J. Schneider, CIT


Matthew J. McAuliffe, CIT


Wendell J. Jordan-Brangman, CIT
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