Customized Training

About Customized Training

Are you aware that the NIH Training Center can bring training courses on-site to your location, customized for your specific team? Benefits of tailored training include:

  • Participants receive consistent messages, so staff hear the same thing, at the same time, by the same instructor, with content customized for your IC/organization.
  • Team members participate in training together, which facilitates collaboration and teambuilding among staff.
  • Training is offered at a time and place most convenient to staff.
  • You determine the training duration-1/2 day sessions or multiple sessions over an extended period of time are options available to you.

Below are some examples of training we can provide:

  • Resolving Conflict
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) Consulting and Workshops
  • Teambuilding
  • MBTI Team Workshop/MBTI Individual Assessments
  • 360 Assessments
  • DISC Assessments
  • Organizational Strategic Planning/Leadership Retreats
  • Interpersonal Skills-Developing Effective Relationships
  • Diversity
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Increasing Individual Productivity
  • Minimizing Stress at Work/Creating Work/Life balance
  • Critical Thinking for Problem Solving/Decision-making
  • Federal Budgeting and Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Media Training
  • Customer Service Skills and Techniques

Call the NIH Training Center today to arrange personal consultation with a Program Manager at (301) 496-6211, or send an email to:

We look forward to customizing a program to meet your organization’s specific needs.