Women in Leadership Alumnae Event: Using Your Seat at the Table

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During the Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success course, you learned about the importance of emotional intelligence, how to adapt your natural style to be more effective, conversational "moves" that can improve relationships and lead to greater effectiveness.

In the Women in Leadership Alumni Event, you'll take your leadership to the next level by focusing on strategies to help you navigate effectively in the meetings that you attend. Moving beyond the skills presented in the original Women in Leadership series, you'll take a deep dive into how to lead within NIH environments. Join us to explore how you can make greater contributions, build credibility, and demonstrate leadership in the meetings that you attend every week.

Key Topics: 
  • Develop strategies for increasing your visibility, building credibility, and promoting yourself
  • Learn best practices for communicating your needs with upper management, your team, and your peers
  • Discover how to empower yourself and others through using your seat at the table
  • Take away tips and strategies for being heard at the NIH
  • Draw from NIH-inspired scenarios to learn new strategies for effective leadership at the NIH
  • Learn how to maximize your impact and influence to meet the situation or challenge you are facing
  • Build and strengthen your peer network

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Tue, 02/11/20, 9:00am Tue, 02/11/20, 12:00pm White Flint North Building, Rm 06A28 Tue, 01/21/20 $360