Purchase Card Training (NBS)

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This course is mandatory for prospective Purchase Cardholders or Purchase Card Approving Officials (CAO). The course provides an introduction to purchasing using the NIH Purchase Card for micro-purchases and an overview of the NIH Business System (NBS) for logging purchases and reconciliation. Students will complete instructor-led and independent computer based simulation exercises. Each student will receive a guide with NIH purchase card policies & procedures. Questions on obtaining a purchase card should be directed to: CreditCard@od.nih.gov.

Key Topics: 
  • Describe the uses and limitations of the NIH Purchase Card
  • Perform the roles and responsibilities of a Cardholder and/or CAO
  • Identify the key areas in which Cardholders and CAOs are involved in the purchase card process
  • Follow procedures for micro-purchases
  • Document purchases specific to HHS and NIH requirements
  • Use the NBS Training Instance to create Oracle Log Entries
  • Use the NBS Training Instance to reconcile bank transactions

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There are currently no scheduled offerings for the course NIHTC9512. This course, however, can be provided as a closed enrollment class for groups. If you would like to request a closed enrollment class, please contact the NIHTrainingCenter@nih.gov.