Present Like a Pro: Small Group Presentation Coaching

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This course provides innovative strategies to help you deliver presentations you can be proud to call your own! Learn the latest trends to keep your audience's attention, identify how best to convey complex messages, and utilize stories and examples. The session is interactive and practice-based.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a pre-training requirement for this class. You should be prepared to deliver segments of an upcoming or recent presentation on-camera. The instructors will focus mostly on the opening 4-5 minutes, and the closing 4-5 minutes.

Key Topics: 
  • Learn to use fact, emotion, and stories to deliver persuasive and memorable presentations.
  • Organize information and define key messages clearly and succinctly. Identify builders and breakers that impact executive presence.
  • Look, sound, and feel more confident in any presentation and public speaking opportunity. Use body language, pacing, and eye contact to capture audience attention. Think quickly under pressure using pertinent and persuasive formulas.


This course is available to all NIH employees.

There are currently no scheduled offerings for the course NIHTC4003. This course, however, can be provided as a closed enrollment class for groups. If you would like to request a closed enrollment class, please contact the