Pre-Retirement Workshop (FERS)

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Are you within ten years of retirement eligibility and beginning to consider life after NIH? This three-day Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) workshop is designed to provide you with an overview of your federal retirement benefits. Begin to secure your finances and set goals necessary to smoothly transition into retirement. This class is recommended for those who were hired after 12/31/1983 and are within 10 years of retirement eligibility.

Please note that we also run this same three-day FERS class across three consecutive Fridays. Please register for NIHTC5811 (FERS) if that better suits your work schedule.*

As a courtesy participants spouses can attend at no additional cost. Spousal attendance is strictly on a first requested basis due to space limitations. Send requests to Jessica Whitaker at Ensure LMS approval first.

Key Topics: 

Please note that this class is not eligible for CLPs. Also if this class precedes a federal holiday, the session will run to the end of the day as usual. Please take note before registering and plan accordingly.

  • FERS, TransFERS *Disability *Creditable Service *Deposit/Redeposit *Annual and Sick Leave *Annuity Calculation *Best Date to Retire *COLA's *Survivor Benefits *Social Security and Medicare *FEGLI, FEHB *Long-Term Care Options *Establishing financial goals *Setting retirement goals *Developing a budget *Managing Debt-Credit Cards and Equity Line of Credit *Secrets for Successful Saving *Pros and cons of paying down a mortgage *TSP *IRAs *Investments Beyond the TSP-Cash, Bonds Stocks *Understanding diversification and dollar-cost averaging *Financial Institution Basics *Funding college education *Estate Planning *Psychological Aspects of Retirement *Lifetime Fitness and Health
Course Offerings
Start Date End Date Location Cancellation Deadline IC Price Register
Wed, 12/18/19, 9:00am Fri, 12/20/19, 4:00pm Three White Flint 11601 Landsdown Street - Room WF1 Wed, 12/04/19 $375
Mon, 01/13/20, 9:00am Wed, 01/15/20, 4:00pm Building 45 - Natcher Conference Center 45 Center Drive - Room 1014 (NT1) Mon, 12/30/19 $375