Myers Briggs Training

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop will equip you with personal tools for better self-management, communication, and relationship management. When you understand your Myers-Briggs type preferences, you can approach your own work in a manner that takes into account your tendencies for managing your time, solving problems, working with others, making decisions, absorbing and delivering information, and even responding to stress and conflict.
In preparation for this 1.2-day workshop, you will take an online MBTI Step I assessment prior to the class date.

Ask us about MBTI Step II - a more comprehensive look at personality for MBTI Step 1 graduates, now available at the NIH Training Center!

Key Topics: 
  • An overview of Jung's Personality Theory and MBTI and an exploration of the 4 dichotomies and 16 personality types.
  • A deep dive into individual participant assessment results, as well as typing based on groups/subsets and type within your organization.
  • An exploration of type dynamics and strategies for communication and contributions.


This course is available to all NIH employees.

There are currently no scheduled offerings for the course NIHTC9590. This course, however, can be provided as a closed enrollment class for groups. If you would like to request a closed enrollment class, please contact the