Foreign/Sponsored Travel Refresher (Concur Government Edition)

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If you have received training in the Domestic Travel policy and the CGE Travel System within the past two to three years, this is the refresher you need. In this 1-day travel refresher, existing NIH Travel Planners and Travel Approving Officials (including AOs) will receive a brief review of the rules and regulations for preparing travel for federal employee Domestic Travel.
This training will allow time for discussion to enhance each learner's knowledge, so please bring questions for the instructor.

This course is intended for current CGE users. To gain access to the CGE system, new users will need to take the three-day Domestic Travel Training Course.
Special Note: Domestic Travel, Foreign Travel and Sponsored Travel is a prerequisite for Foreign/Sponsored Travel Refresher. If you have not taken Domestic Travel, you will be unable to attend class on the day of training and still be held responsible for payment.

Key Topics: 
  • Learn updates of recent changes in travel policy
  • Review rules and regulations applicable to the foreign travel processes
  • Review rules and regulations applicable to the sponsored travel process
  • Identify procedures/approvals required for employees traveling in foreign locations
  • Acquire helpful websites for travelers and those preparing travel documents
There are currently no scheduled offerings for the course NIHTC2707. This course, however, can be provided as a closed enrollment class for groups. If you would like to request a closed enrollment class, please contact the