Responding to Uncertainty with Resilience & Confidence

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Highly educated people are typically socialized to look good, appear perfect in front of others and to be right. This pressure is precisely what drains our energy, keeps us from feeling dominion over our lives, and prevents us from forming the high-trust bonded relationships necessary for high creativity and innovation to thrive in the workplace. The quiet that resulted from the early months of the pandemic created opportunity for us to consider more seriously who we want to be, how we want to live and what needs to change. Have you asked yourself:
* How do I stay grounded when the ground beneath me is moving?
* How do I provide emotional support to others when I’m so depleted?
* How do I assert myself and strengthen my boundaries without isolating others?
* How do I speak with purpose instead of on impulse?
* How do I direct my thinking to be who I want to be?

Bring your most pressing leadership & personal challenges and join in a dialogue about these questions and more.

Key Topics
  • Reclaiming your personal power and (re)establishing dominion over your life.
  • Managing energy in a hybrid workplace by focusing on personal and organizational wellbeing and healthy striving.
  • Creating the conditions to resiliently deal with change, complexity, and setbacks-- time after time.


All NIH Employees