Putting the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) Results to Work: An Action-Planning Workshop

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Have you ever struggled to make sense of your Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results?
Do you wonder how to turn the data into actionable results?
Acting on the data provided by the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey can seem overwhelming to agency leaders, managers, and supervisors. Some data appears contradictory; other data seems difficult if not impossible to address. How is one to make sense of the data and move forward in a productive and appropriate manner?
This half-day course will teach you how to focus on important areas that will have an impact on employee engagement and performance. Through a series of interactive exercises, participants will uncover the most important areas to address and create action plans to address those areas. Participants will learn the importance of engaging employees in finding the solution to issues raised by the survey and increase their commitment to successfully resolving these issues.

Key Topics
  • Establish a common understanding of FEVS results
  • Turn survey data into actionable goals
  • Learn and apply a goal setting model
  • Work with other session participants to develop action plans for improving employee engagement and job satisfaction
  • Learn about additional NIH and Federal government resources for improving employee engagement


NIH supervisors, managers, team leads, and workforce management staff.